Egg Donation Options

If you feel as though you’ve ran out of egg donation options, think again

For many people who go through the egg donation process, it can be an incredibly stressful time filled with lots of disappointment and heartache. Whilst there are so many companies who offer their help, many of these come with a very heavy price tag and little heart behind them. If you want the help of a company who will care for you and your journey to becoming a parent, Happy Beginnings is the place to go.

With our help, we’ll do everything we can to find you the right solution. We understand that building a family via a third party can sometimes feel sterile or cold, but with our help, we’ll be there every step of the way.

On our website we have plenty of information for you to browse through, which we hope will give you confidence in choosing us. Whether you’re an intended parent, egg donor or would like to go down the surrogacy route, we have a range of paths for you to choose whether you want to build a family or help someone else build theirs.

To find out more about how we can help you begin your journey into parenthood, take a look around our website today.