Illinois Surrogacy Requirements

For Intended Parents

Our Services are offered to clients Nationwide and Internationally. We work with a variety of clients and will not discriminate against racial background, marital status or sexual orientation.


Our agency represents numerous donors and surrogates of all ethnic backgrounds.

  • Surrogate mothers must be at least 21 years old.
  • Surrogate mothers must have given birth to at least one child.
  • Surrogate mothers must undergo complete medical and psychological screening.
  • Surrogate mother are required to have legal representation to review the legal implications and pertinent laws pertaining to the surrogacy agreement.
  • Surrogate mothers must give birth in the state of Illinois. Although surrogate mothers are not required to live in the state.
  • Surrogate mothers are required to have a major health insurance plan.
    If the surrogate you choose does not have a major health insurance plan we will assist you in obtaining a policy for her.
  • At least one of the intended parents must have a genetic connection to the embryo implanted in the surrogate. (sperm or egg contributor)
  • Intended parents are not required to be married or residents of Illinois.
  • Intended parents are required to have legal representation for drafting and review of the legal implications of the surrogacy agreement.
  • Intended parents are required to have psychological screening. (If not completed with your clinic we will assist in arranging this evaluation.)

Same Sex Clients


At present, Illinois statutes do not prohibit the use of a gestational surrogate by a same sex family. There is no reason to believe that a surrogacy agreement would not be upheld by Illinois state law for a same sex family. We work with same sex families on a regular basis and have not had any complications with their surrogacy agreements being upheld based on their sexual orientation.

Single Parents


At Happy Beginnings, we frequently work with single parents, both male and female.  At present, Illinois statutes do not indicate any restrictions for single parents using assisted reproductive technology to conceive with an egg donor or gestational surrogate. We have not had any complications with their surrogacy agreements being upheld based on their single status.