Egg Donor Program Service Fees

For Intended Parents

Our Services are offered to clients Nationwide and Internationally. We work with a variety of clients and will not discriminate against racial background, marital status or sexual orientation.

Our agency represents numerous donors and surrogates of all ethnic backgrounds.

Financial Considerations for Egg Donation

Egg Donor Program
Agency Service Coordination Fee: contact agency for pricing 
Donor Compensation starting at $3,500-$15,000 or greater. We allow our donors to set their own compensation.

Our Service Coordination Fee Includes:

Match Facilitation
Cycle Coordination
Non-Medical Ovum Donor Screening and Review of Records
Background Check
Accident and Complication Insurance on Donor ($100,000 policy)
Ovum Donor MMPI and In Depth Psychological Evaluation
Case Management
Collaboration With Primary Fertility Clinic
Medical Appointment Arrangements
Travel Coordination
Expense Account Management
Frequent Status Updates
Standard Legal Contracts (Optional)

Additional Fees

  • Intended Parent Attorney Fee: $900.00 and up
  • Donor Attorney Fee $500.00 and up
  • International Client Surcharge: $500.00
  • Cycle Expense Deposit (Covers Cycle Related Expenses & Travel): (Select One): $500-$5,000 (this varies depending on the location of the donor to your primary clinic, this is only a deposit and any unused funds will be refunded at the end of the cycle with an itemized expense report)
    • Local Donor(resides within 100 miles of primary clinic)
    • Mid-Local Donor (resides within 250 miles of primary clinic)
    • Non-Local (resides more than 250 miles of primary clinic)
    • International (donors travelling to international locations to the primary clinic)
  • Secondary Clinic Fees: Variable (this only applies to donor who are not local to the clinic and will need to have a local monitoring facility for labs and ultrasounds) (Agency will obtain orders from the primary clinic and give intended parents a quote of the total costs for outside monitoring)
  • Optional Services: Variable (Please review optional services for descriptions and pricing.)

Optional Services

Optional Shared Risk Policy: $500.00
This plan allows for a price reduction of 50% of the Agency Service Coordination fee for the matching and coordination of a second ovum donor cycle through Happy Beginnings, LLC with the same or another available ovum donor in Happy Beginnings, LLC's donor database in the event that the initial cycle is unsuccessful in achieving a pregnancy and live birth. Please sign and return Shared Risk Contract and Optional Services Request form.

Optional In-Depth Background Investigations: $250.00 Upon request our agency will arrange for a private investigator to conduct an in-depth background investigation of your selected ovum donor. This investigation will include social security trace, civil court records, criminal court records and education /academic verification. This is in addition to any pre-screening conducted by Happy Beginnings, LLC. **We will provide recipients with copies of results upon request, however in order to maintain donor anonymity any reports provided to recipients will have donor’s last name and contact information blacked out. Full reports may be provided to the IVF clinic upon request.

Translation Services & Document Translation
Rates $75/hour If you prefer to have any of the documents or contracts translated into a language other than English. We will make arrangements to accommodate your needs. On site and telephone translation services are available in a variety of languages upon request. Rates vary based on services required and time involved. Please inquire.

Optional Donor Gift Level 1: $60.00
Happy Beginnings, LLC will be happy to make arrangements to send your selected ovum donor a card with text of your choice (last names omitted) and a gift upon completion of the retrieval. A level one gift may include small flower arrangement, a massage certificate, movie tickets, restaurant gift card, or shopping gift card.

Optional Donor Gift Level 2: $110.00
Happy Beginnings, LLC will be happy to make arrangements to send your selected ovum donor a card with text of your choice (last names omitted) and a gift upon completion of the retrieval. A level two gift may include medium flower arrangement, a spa package, jewelry, restaurant gift card, or shopping gift card.

Ovarian Assessment Report: $145.00 + $90.00 Phlebotomist Fee
This test is a wonderful option for assessing how a first time ovum donor will respond to ovarian stimulation and may ease recipients concerns with selecting a first time donor. This test is performed on day 2, 3 or 4 of the donor’s menstrual period following one month off of any oral contraceptives or hormonal birth control method. It assesses AMH, Inhibin B, FSH, LH and Estradiol levels. The ovarian assessment report will provide all lab values and an egg retrieval score. The Ovarian Assessment Report provides recipient couples with the most accurate assessment of a potential donor’s ovulatory egg supply available through the use of a single blood sample. Ovulatory egg supply is the quantity of eggs a woman has available for collection through controlled ovarian stimulation, commonly referred to as an egg retrieval procedure. The report provides an Egg Retrieval Score (ERS) which is a unique index score that more accurately estimates the ovulatory egg supply by combining a donor’s age with multiple ovary-related hormones. The results take approximately (6) business days once the specimen has reached the laboratory.

Cystic Fibrosis (100 mutations): $345.00 + $90.00 Phlebotomist Fee
The results take approximately (28) days once the specimen has reached the laboratory.

Infectious Disease Testing: $325.00 + $90.00 Phlebotomist Fee
This fee includes processing of the entire following lab panel: Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Core Total Antibody, Hepatitis C Virus Nucleic Acid Test, Hepatitis C Antibody, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) 1 & 2, RPR (Syphilis), Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Nucleic Acid Test TMA The results take approximately (5) business days once the specimen reaches the laboratory.