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Surrogate Mother Experiences

Surrogacy Journey: Charlene

My journey started when my daughter and first born was about three months old. My mother was visiting and mentioned how neat it would be if I could carry for her. My mother had been diagnosed with secondary infertility after having me and then two miscarriages. And there my surrogacy journey began… I loved being pregnant but knew I wasn’t finished with my own at that time, but there was a seed that had been planted and there it grew. Another child, my son was born and about 5 years later I learned about Happy Beginnings. I made the plunge from becoming a surrogate for the first time to now my third time (from twins to singles). Happy Beginnings has been there every step of the way making sure I had everything I needed. Making sure that everything was perfect; and it has been. What a great company! What a great thing they do for families, to make families! Their support is never ending. My experience has been surreal and I couldn’t imagine doing it with a better group of people.