We are honored for all of the kind words from our Egg Donors, Surrogates and Intended Parents. They have all been a true blessing and we love working with every single one of them.

"My experience with Happy Beginnings was truly an amazing journey. Not only for myself but for my children and for another family. I am proud to say that I loved becoming a Gestational Carrier for a family in need. From the beginning to end, it was truly amazing. The staff is very professional. Communicated with me throughout the journey and even after. It's been great to be able to become more than just your typical employee/business relationship to actual friends after it was all said and done. Highly recommend them to anyone. From me being in California to them being in Illinois, It has never been an issue. Thank you ladies and may you all continue to do the amazing work that you do for others! I cannot wait to be able to start another beautiful and successful journey with you again."(California Surrogate,2020)

"So this was my 1st time being a surrogate, after having four kids of my own God laid surrogacy on my heart. So after my husband and I prayed about it for 1 year we contacted Happy Beginnings. Honestly the whole process from start to finish was made really easy for us. I never had any problems and if concerns were brought up the staff at Happy Beginnings helped us through ever concern. DesiRae has been so so helpful to me, I can just her day or night with questions or any personal concerns I have and she responds very quickly and efficiently. If she doesn't know the answer she definitely finds the answer for us. We are matched up with the perfect intended parents and we have a great relationship with them and the agency. Definitely would recommend Happy Beginnings to everyone wanting to bless a family with a baby through surrogacy! It's not for everyone but if God leads you to help a family please answer that calling. Pray and open your heart." (Illinois Surrogate, 2019)

" They have a great staff! While beginning this new chapter they were a phone call away anytime with any questions or concerns! They take time to sit down with you and explain anything you may be unsure about and are always available on or off the clock. I love that I'm able to help someone and that I have a great team of people that are able to make that happen for all parties involved" (Illinois Donor, 2020)

" I have had such an amazing experience working with Happy Beginnings. They help so many families every single day and I couldn't of imagined working with anyone else. They made the process very smooth and were a phone call away throughout the entire process. I cannot wait to work with this incredible agency again. They're truly changing Intend Parents lives and making the world a better place." (Texas Donor, 2019)

"Being a surrogate was definitely one of the best choices I've made. Going into at first there were so many unknowns, as I didn't have 100% knowledge on it. I just knew I wanted to help a family. My first intended parents were wonderful and so caring. They will forever be in my hearts. I'm so excited to start my 2nd journey with this agency." (Illinois Surrogate, 2020)

"I am truly grateful to be a donor at such an amazing company like Happy Beginnings. For me the first time going in to the process was intimidating I might even say scary, you think of all the possible things that's going to happen to your body. Happy Beginnings staff never let me feel alone they were there every step of the way for me, I even went on to do 3 more donations with them. I learned very quickly that donating is so rewarding you feel in your heart the happiness and excitement from not only the parents but the company as well, and that is the most important reason for all my donations. Being able to help change a families life,  and give them such a special gift is incredible! So thank you so much Happy Beginnings for being such an outstanding company and unique experience you make a difference in all of your lives." (California Donor, 2020)

"My surrogacy journey has been more than amazing all the Happy Beginnings staff have so much compassion and always backing me up if I have any questions or concerns. Every staff member that I've worked with are compassionate, kind and very informative and will always be there for you every step of the way. This whole process has been wonderful, exciting experience since I haven't had to worry about anything else other than taking care of myself and this little baby for the amazing couple." (California Surrogate,2020)

" I was a surrogate twice for Happy Beginnings. It was the most amazing experience I've been blessed to do. Knowing that I was helping families become 'more' was indescribable. I loved every minute of it. All of the team at Happy Beginnings are just incredible. They made a great experience even more unforgettable." (Illinois Surrogate,2020) 

"I had a wonderful experience my first time being a surrogate through Happy Beginnings. I love how there was constant communication before, during and even after my pregnancy from the agency. I loved getting to know the intended parents and learning about their experiences and not being fortunate enough to carry their own child. It really created a bing and I was able to connect to the parents even more. It makes the experience so much better knowing you're a blessing a family with a wonderful gift. Happy Beginnings really worked with my schedule and every life to accommodate me the best they could. It was a great experience giving the gift of life." (California Surrogate,2020) 

"Most of all, I want to thank you all for our beautiful daughter. Without you help, we would not have her. We are extremely grateful for all your help." (Illinois Intended Parents,2011)

"I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me to help me in my journey towards motherhood. Not a day goes by that I don't think of all the wonderful people that helped this dream come true. I am eternally grateful!" ( Illinois Intended Parents, 2010)

"We are so grateful to all of you for helping us along our journey. The trip was so worth every hurdle!!! We are so in love with our little miracle. Thank you!! (Connecticut Intended Parents, 2011)

"Thank you for making our wish for a family come true!" (Illinois Intended Parents,2011)

"Thank you for everything you have done for us, for all your help and hard work to make this happen. Your office has been wonderful and incredibly helpful. We are truly fortunate to have worked with you and the donor." (Michigan Intended Parents, 2007) 

"We are immensely grateful for what you have done to help us achieve a dream that may otherwise have been unattainable. Thank you for keeping us informed throughout this process!" (Illinois Intended Parents, 2006)

"I cannot tell you how much this little guy has changed our lives. He is everything to us! (Tennessee Intended Parents, 2009)

"Thank you for all your assistance and support during our cycle with you." (New York Intended Parents, 2008)

"I am just so blessed and thankful that someone out there wants to help us. Thanks again, you guys are wonderful" (Illinois Intended Parents, 2011)

" I have one child of my own, and had a pretty eventful experience with her. As my daughter got older, I decided that surrogacy would be a great way to help a family, who was wanting to grow but unable to do so alone. My surrogacy pregnancy went very smoothly, and it is honestly the most rewarding experience. Happy Beginnings has been so helpful every step of the way, and I am hoping to work with them again in the future for another surrogacy pregnancy." (Illinois Surrogate, 2019)

" I have been lucky enough to be gestational surrogate three times, and being a part of 5 babies in world! The experiences were magical, from the first time we get to embryos during the transfer, to reading the pregnancy test together, to the moments the their babies lay on their chests in the birthing rooms and everything in between! It was a wonderful part of my life and I continue to be grateful that I was able to help in a way that many women can't." (Illinois Surrogate, 2019)

"Amazing company with kind caring compassionate staff! They are very attentive and organized. I know several people who have used them for surrogacy or egg donation and I have never heard anything but great things from them! A blessing to families in all kinds of ways!" (Illinois Surrogate, 2020)

" Happy Beginnings is amazing!! I love all of there staff and how nice they are! They are great with my kids when they come into the office with me and they always answer all of my questions by email or phone in a timely matter. I love working with them and will continue to come back to this agency for surrogacy. Jamie the owner is awesome with checking up on you too! I have been with this agency going through the process since 2018 and I have had a great experience with them! Definitely give them 5 stars! and I definitely recommend them." (Illinois Surrogate,2018)

Working on my 3rd cycle with Happy Beginnings. Jamie and Desirae have been absolutely amazing to work with. They go above and beyond to make things work for my schedule. Every cycle I've completed has been super easy. It has been an awesome experience." (California Donor,2019)

"Great company to work with. I've donated eggs a few times with Happy Beginnings and they made the process very easy. Great communication and always available to help if I needed anything or had questions. The staff is amazing! Would totally recommend." (Illinois Donor, 2018)

" I have worked as an egg donor and surrogate mother for Happy Beginnings. They have an exceptional staff. They have always been responsive, informative, and helpful throughout all of my cycles. I am blessed to have helped so many families in need. I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing gift." (Illinois Donor & Surrogate, 2017)

"My wife just started the process and we couldn't be happier. They are the most friendly and professional people out there. Everyone looking for help needs to look no further." (Intended Parent,2020)

"They are very friendly and professional! Jamie and her team have been super helpful with my process with them. I highly recommend them to anyone considering egg donation or surrogacy!" (Illinois Donor,2020)

"Have had a wonderful experience with everyone I poke to within this company. I did an out of state donation cycle and they had everything set up perfectly for me and it went very smoothly." (Florida Donor,2018)

"I have had a great experience working with Happy Beginnings! Jamie and her team are very caring and helpful, and the work they do is truly amazing!" (Missouri Donor,2019)

"I love Happy Beginnings! Such a great gift!" (Illinois Surrogate, 2019)

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