Types of Egg Donations

The majority of egg donation cycles we facilitate are anonymous, or closed donations. Although, if it is agreed upon between both the Intended Parents and Egg Donor we can facilitate a conference call between the Egg Donor, Intended Parents and an Agency Representative. This will allow the Egg Donor and Intended Parents to get acquainted while keeping the anonymity of both parties.

There are instances in which we may facilitate an open or known donation. If the Intended Parents wish to meet their Egg Donor and the selected Egg Donor agrees to the meeting , then we will facilitate a meeting at a public location between the parties. The Intended Parents will be responsible for paying any Egg Donor travel fees for the meeting (mileage reimbursement and food allowance). We try to be present at the meeting if the cycle is taking place in close proximity to one of our offices. However, if the cycle takes place long distance we will generally not be able to attend.

We will put forth our utmost effort to make sure you feel comfortable with your Intended Parents whether it is an open or closed donation.