Egg Donation USA

Make a miracle happen with Happy Beginnings and donate your eggs in the USA

Donating your eggs is a wonderful gift that you can give to families across the USA and beyond. Nothing is quite as rewarding as giving someone the gift of a family, and you could be responsible for making someone’s dream come true.

If you want to give the priceless gift of donating your eggs, all donors must meet a certain criteria so we can ensure we’re using healthy eggs. Just some of the criteria include:

All donors must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted into our program. If you are very responsible and can answer yes to the following, please apply.

  • I am 20-34 years of age.
  • I am healthy & a non-smoker.
  • I do not use recreational drugs.
  • I am height & weight proportionate.
  • I have not had a Norplant birth control device or taken Depo-Provera in the past 6 months.
  • I am willing to travel for 5-10 days (all expenses paid) to a fertility clinic approved by the American Medical Association for participation in an egg donor cycle. Or, my primary residence is in a major metropolitan area.

To read the full list of criteria, please click here.