Same Sex Families: Talking to Your Family About Becoming Parents

This article I read on Huffington Post provides some great tips for same sex families to talk to their families about becoming parents through adoption or third party reproduction.

What I Really Want for Christmas: How to Tell Your Family You’re Having Kids!

By Dr. Guy Ringler

Posted: 12/04/2014 3:43 pm EST Updated: 02/03/2015 5:59 am EST

The holidays are a great time for celebration with family. Whether it’s with candles or a Christmas tree, turkey or roast beef, long sessions around the dining-room table or the fireplace seem to be in order.

All the emphasis on family can make many of us in the LGBT community feel a little isolated for not having kids of our own, something many hadn’t even considered until recent years. It can also instill a longing to start our own family. I’ve seen it with plenty of my gay patients and same-sex couples over the last two decades. Having the love and support of family and friends can be very helpful to all people pursuing fertility treatment.

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